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To combine the power of the latest technologies, apps, and websites, with power of the people in the Klal to create one comprehensive source to enable all of us to do more Mitzvos.

Jerusalem – Scandals Highlight Israeli Leader’s Media Obsession

Jerusalem – Benjamin Netanyahu came to prominence as a star of the media age, an upgrade from older Israeli politicians in his telegenic poise, mastery of message and gift for the sound bite in English and Hebrew. But those skills may have morphed into a darker obsession with controlling the media that now accounts for […]

Is President Trump Preparing to Put Pressure on Israel?

Recently, Pres. Trump has repeatedly indicated he intends to pressure Israel to make yet more concessions to the Palestinian Authority. I wonder why pro-Israel voices have not been expressing concern about this development.

Parkland, FL – Funerals: Grieving Teens, Raw Emotions After School Shooting

Parkland, FL – Each funeral for the victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High massacre is different, yet the same: the mourning relatives, teens walking in clutches wearing black, politicians paying their respects, media cameras pointing at the entrance from across the parking lot. And each service takes its toll on the young mourners, many […]

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Weekly Moment of Inspiration from Rabbi Scherman


TETZAVEH: Shemen Zayis Zoch for the Menorah | Make sacred vestments for the Kohanim | The Ephod | Names of the Shevatim engraved in the stones on Aharon’s shoulders | The Choshen with the Urim V’Tumim | Shevatim’s Names engraved on the stones of the Choshen | The Me’il | The Tzitz | The other garments | Consecrating Aharon and his sons | Special sacrifices for the seven days of their consecration | The Korban Tamid | “I will dwell among the Bnei Yisroel and be a G-d for them” | Mizbeach Haketores | The Ketores, twice each day, and on Yom Kippur


The final opportunity for Kiddush Levanah is Motzei Purim at 2:10am.


Purim is in one week from Thursday, on Thursday, March 1st.

For Halacha Tidbits on Purim click here


Just Released: Rabbi Yissocher Frand on The Haggadah, Rabbi Frand is passionate, articulate, often funny, and always wise, and now we can invite Rabbi Frand to join us at the Seder, with this engaging and thought-provoking Haggadah commentary.


Daf Hayomi will be completing Mesechta Avoda Zarah on April 1st, (second day of Pesach).


The next of the Shalosh Regalim, Pesach, falls out on Friday night, March 30th.

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Suggest a Feature

Our plan is to create multiple technological tools and features to help Frum Jews do more mitzvos, faster.

Some of our current ideas include:

  • Instant Chavrusa
  • A navigation app that tells you what shul is in your area
  • Instant minyan, where everyone around you get notified when you try to form a minyan
  • A way to automatically donate to all Jewish day schools simultaneously
  • A directory of every Shul to easily donate to
  • Instant Chesed – if you need Chesed instantly, just type it here

Do you have an idea of your own? Please share it with us!